Carnet Rouge should be out in France in January.....

I am working on GENIUS with Seagle and are writing no my followup to Carnet Rouge.

Books to recommend:

RESTLESS by William Boyd
Klas Östergren GENTLEMEN
The Testament of Gideon Mack By James Robertson

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Cuentos de Antiguamente said...

Love the cover!
Someday it will be published
here in Spain?

Anonymous said...

beautifull cover...

Anonymous said...

now I see...but is published for france first?

Unknown said... france first.....and hopefully MANY more to come...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

From france, I will be the first to buy one >;}
the perfect auto-gift for my "3 Kings day" (the spanish Xmas day)

Anonymous said...

Great job,
as always.

Anonymous said...

hello maestro !

is a chance for me to be french if i can read your beautifull book in january...
in fact, i'm waiting for it since one year and many days: christmas will be in january (2007) !!
thank you for this gift.


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