Will be in store Mekanik in Antwerp today(may 12), signing from 15.00- 18.00, and store also have a small exhibition.

Will be at festival in Ganshoren sunday 13 may, signing as well.Hope to see some of you there?

Had a great signing yesterday at store Brüsel in Brussel.

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Jobove - Reus said...

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Anonymous said...

Brüsel in Brussels is an amazing comic book store. It is a cpy of the former "Galerie Ziggourrat" also located in Bru... but Brüsel is way more larger.

Fred said...


The signing in Brüsel was indeed excellent! Did a lot of people show up? (I had to rush back to work after my turn)

It was a pleasure to meet you: it's great to see that your favorite illustrator is also a very nice person :)

Thanks for the 2 paintings you did in my books and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Next time you come to Brussels don't forget to mention it on the blog. And please post more about your current works!

fred (was second in the line)

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