Making a book..

In 2011 I did a book with writer Oscar K where we wanted to make the book as physical as possible in a time where all was going digital( I love the digital side A LOT), so in the book we placed a bag a red soil, and two dried flowers( a red pimpernell and a white anemone), and tore out two pages in each copy of the printed book, all part of the story. This made every copy unique, and of course meant that in no way, would we ever get a publisher outside Denmark to do the same for a version in another language. So we sat down, Rasmus Svarre, Allan Buhl Madsen, publisher Paw Mathiassen and myself, a weekend and tore out pages, made red soil( soil from my garden dried in the oven mixed with paprika and turmeric to get the right colour) that was put it in small envelopes made for stamps, placed the dried flowers at the designated pages and put rubberbands on each copy. During the day we had Oscar on skype from Spain as moral support. Here are photos taken from the whole process. A great and fun day.

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Mr. Blue said...

One of the most beautiful books I've ever seen.

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