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Page of today....

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pierre Guiol said...

Hi Teddy! This blog is a nice surprise !!!!
I hope that you'll keep this blog alive with doodles, sketches, prelims... FEED US! ; )

This page is beautiful, i love the stillness and weight impression it gives (in my humble opinion).

Can you tell how much of Red Diary pages are already completed ?

Teddy Kristiansen said...

I am working on the last pages.Art is finished here in March and text editing will be done in April.It is set to come out over the summer.
And yes I plan on lts of doodles and sketches...this is fun....

insert name here said...

Hej Teddy!!
Hvor fedt at du laver en blog!
Jeg fandt dig gennem nogle af veres egne links.
Vi har lavet en lille gruppe blog her paa DreamWorks. Kom og se.
Glaeder mig til at se mere.


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