Art never returned

I was made aware from a friend that this piece was for sale via Ebay.
I looked at it and found it to be a piece of art that never was returned to me again after printing.

I spoke to the people selling it and they bought the piece from a seller in the late 90´, and are selling it now to raise money to a holiday. So please go and bid on it.They are innocent partners in this, and I wish them best of luck with the auction.(They have pulled back to keep instead after they heard the story)

It was done as a promotion and was the cover for a magazine when we launched House OF Secrets,but they never returned the art to me.
I spend the next many years trying to get a hold of the people who were in charge at the time but it never lead me anywhere.
So please let me know if anyone can recall who would have had this piece in their personal collection, as I am very interested in trying to track where and who actually held on to it and sold it at one point.

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Jason Arnett said...

I know this has happened a lot to various artists over the years, but what's your recourse? Do you have a chance to get that piece back?

paciente r said...

the urban legends about original artwork of spanish comic drawers in the toilet of their editors or used as cutting tables are painful, sorry you have your own problems with this shit... IT SUCKS...

R & Mc said...


Amazing. I was writing a post talking about Teddy Kristiansen and when I began to look for extra-references, I realize that there's a personal weblog written by YOU.

I don't know what to say (without seeming stupid). Thanks for being... Teddy Kristiansen. I (we) love your work.

You won't understand anything (a spanish blog, sorry), but here it is anyway:


Marcos Mateu said...

Nice piece of art.
The story behind it pisses me off really, and I hope you can get something out of it, either the drawing or at least the knowledge of what happened to it.
All the best and keep producing this beautiful artwork.

Magicomora said...

you work is amazing!

Teik How said...

Yeah, they used this for a cover of FAN magazine, I remember this not only because I still keep the cover of my copy, but also because I bought that issue solely for the cover.

So cool to see you blogging, thanks for the great work!

Sean Qualls said...

what a shame! i remember the piece and have the books which i bought solely for the art. i love your work!!

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