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Page with older stuff.

And also:

NoHope-Production is a company I have made with my wife,Hope Devlin Kristiansen, as we are
producing different projects together.
5 books for children are in the works and Hope is doing an animated documentary.

Check out the site for more news coming soon.

5 kommentarer:

sedyas said...

Fantastic illustration. Thanks for the links.

JavierOlivares said...

HI Teddy.
Well I´m glad you use the Bossman Typo.
Is beatifully cool, and retro, rigth?
NOHOPE is a great idea.
Waiting for news!!!

Anonymous said...

Teddy. Hello. My name is Sean wasielewski. I commissioned and paid for a Shade piece a few years ago but have been unable to contact you in quite a while. I am hoping that we can finish the deal as I love your work and my Mythos page is lonely for a companion piece! :)
I hope all is well. take care.
Hoping to hear from you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, my email is please, no one else email me!
thanks again,

Rogério Coelho said...

Hi, Teddy,

I'm a brazilian fan, i have yor works published in portuguese and english, my first contact with your work is Grendel Four Devils One Hell .My english is very bad, sorry. I'm a illustrator for children books in Brazil , view my blog and give me your opinion , is very important for me .Congratulations for your work.

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