Imac 24

So...just bought myself the new Imac core 2 duo 24" and are delighted with it....Actually much faster than my old 20" g5 Imac...

Oh joy oh joy..

Here is my setup drawn by one of my daughters, Sophia.

My Imac, my 12"powerbook g4,wacomboard, and stuff on table....

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stripoljub said...

your daughter is almost as good as you. :-)
seriously, she's very talented.

btw, really nice setup on your table. that monitor is sooo huge.

JavierOlivares said...

OOH, Teddy, I HATE YOU!!!
A 24" I MAC...
I have a 20", like the old of you.
And I am very Happy, actually.

But this 24" looks terrific!!
Best from here.

ulf k. said...

I just want to say thank you for visiting my blog! It is a great pleasure and honour for me.

Do you remember that we were published in the same issue of »Suuri Kurpitsa«? Well of course it is a few years ago.

The poster for the store in Belgium is so wonderful! Which store was it for?

All the best, a wonderful chrismas-time and a lot of fun with your new IMAC


alex noriega said...

Looks like we bought the same computer... :)... amazing stuff, as always... Nice to see you have a blog.. I´ll come back often

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