The Mirror Man

A great documentery of Borges written by master Alberto Manguel.
View here.

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JavierOlivares said...

Hi Teddy.
Man,this is destiny!
Today I´ve lunch with Vicente Ferrer my MEDIA VACA editor, and yesterday he have a dinner with Max and Alberto Manguel!
He´s talking to me about Alberto and reccomend me his book " Readind Images".

Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy

Paul Bolger here...sorry I don't have a comment on this post I just wanted get in touch.

I lost my hard drive and all the contact addresses I had with it. Sorry for roundabout way of contacting you. I've wanted to for a while but couldn't find your I did a websearch and found your blog.

I'm home in Ireland now and would love to catch up sometime. I've just about finished my little company's website. Check it out. You can get in touch via that -


drop me a line to

The new book looks amazing by the way, as does yor blog and site.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Paul B.

Anonymous said...

Don Borges es mucho Borges...
as we say in my country >:)

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