Old stuff 3....

And a page from a Harlan Ellison story I did called KNOX adapted by Diana Schutz.
It was printed strangely mute and dark.This scan is much closer to original art.

And a card for a small story written by Master Steve Seagle, we did for free cafe postcards here in Denmark.
Its me selling flowers with a fake mustache....

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Anonymous said...


I didn't know how to drop by.I'm following your work since the Grendel Tales story, and I'm a huge fan of your work.
KNOX is my favourite story of yours, I don't know how to say, you used a very sharp narrative process that is merely efficient , I had to re-read the story twice to be sure of what I had read; it looked -and still- like free-jazz to me.
I also enjoyed very much the short-story 'Stairs' cause Deadman is one of my favourite character, and seeing you and Neil Gaiman on him was just another dream coming true.

friendly yours,


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