Have been collecting drawings and stuff for fantastic Ashley Wood´s Swallow 4.
Did a remix and translation of an old story, which was great fun to do.Judge yourself.Story is 6 pages in all.

I thank Ash for asking me to be part of this amazing collection.

Also,a Spanish and a Danish version of Carnet Rouge is coming out soon.
Working hard so I can finish GENIUS with my old friend Mr.Seagle for Firstsecondbooks in february, so lots of stuff on its way.

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Anonymous said...

2008 will be great, I will order the spanish version of "?? la libreta roja??" ^_^

Jon McNally said...

Mr. K, I first discovered your work in House of Secrets and I've been a big fan ever since. I look forward to seeing more of your work this year.

Teddy Kristiansen said...

Thank you.

Manu:Dont know what the title actually is?
But should be out soon...crossing my fingers printing is nice and full....!!!!


Scott Morse said...

Ha! I bow to YOU! You are the master, my friend! Can't wait for GENIUS...

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