Terrible blogger

Been to busy working hard on finishing GENIUS book(written by Mr.good old Seagle), and my heads been spinning on my book after this.
There is part 2 of the War trilogy to do and also an idea with the Romantic poets(Byron,Shelley and so on).
And must get some more thoughts down, on my science/explorer idea....time time time.....
We´ll see what will come first.

Will upload and blog more very soon, but have to focus on GENIUS first.


Recommended book:Andrea Barrett:The Air We Breathe

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melz3000 said...

We should all focus on genius first. .. No worries, keep us (us? me?) updated as things come out.

Anonymous said...

Hej Teddy
Jeg har skiftet computer og smidt din emailadresse ud. Gider du lige maile mig?

Anonymous said...

- Og det Steffen snabela abenmaler.dk ...

Oliver & Others said...

I saw Andrea the night before she left for her book tour. She's a great writer and a very friendly person. Have you read Ship Fever? That's my favorite of all she's written.


Teddy Kristiansen said...

Dear R

Yes I have read and hugely enjoyed Ship Fever.
Also very much enjoyed Servants of the Map.
She IS a master story teller mixing science and pure story telling perfectly.


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