Unused SOLO book cover

Mark Chiarello and meself thought it best to have a DC character on the cover so Deadman was the final cover.
This one was added as a black/white image on the inner sleeve though, but here is the colour version.
This one belongs to the story ICE.

Need to make another story in the cold cold desolate ice.


4 kommentarer:

FHNavarro said...

Amazing!! Kristiansen Rules!!


Anonymous said...

it's a hard image you pulled out here Teddy!
really powerful
I, always fan of your gouache textured work....

jfml said...

yes please! do another story in the ice. i am really ashamed but that dc solo is the only of your works i own. i really admire it though. just like your other works.

you don't have a website, do you?

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that is a wonderful cover for a 'ROADSIDE PICNIC' adaptation (...can't help )


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