Just saw that a NEW film by Marc Craste is coming out....cant wait to see it....VARMINTS.

It is based on the picture book he made with Helen Ward.

"This little piece of wilderness was taken to a safer place and then all their hopes and wishes took to the air, like new seeds upon the wind. The sound of bees returned, and once more, the sound of the wind in the wiry grass … in the high blue sky."


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Xavi Cristóbal said...

Hello. I am called Xavier Cristobal and I am employed at Barcelona as animator 2D / 3D and journalist of cinema, television, video games and Internet. I am having just filmed the short-movie "Prodigy-man" ( ). In the sequence of the credit titles I want to put drawings of the superhero Prodigy-man, realized by different artists. You are one of my favorite artists and I want to ask for a disinterested collaboration you for this one short-movie. For my it would be an honor to have a small drawing in this short-movie that is an honoring to all the artists who are employed at the industry of the comic-books of superheroes. The offer is a drawing, in color or in black and white, of Prodigy-man. The measures of the drawing should be 720 x 576 pixels and a resolution of 72 píxels. The drawing you can send it to this address:

Thank you very much.

Xavier Cristóbal

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