Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To all of you.


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Anonymous said...

great wishes Teddy ^-^

WALT said...

Best for you,too ,Teddy,you one of the most different and cool artist of the bd .

iam your fan for a lot of time.In past when in my country (Argentine) taked in first time one copy of a TPB (House of Secrets vol 2 ) i was in love with your artwork.

Ok man,we are in touch again.

Best !
your fan from Argentine.

álvaro ortiz said...

for you too!
great christmas picture!

ian33407 said...

happy new year.

Kelly said...

Hi Teddy,

I love you artwork.
Do you have any Grendel pages to sell? 4 Devils 1 hell is my all time favorite Grendel series :+)
Looking forward to seeing more work from you. Best wishes,

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