Copenhagen Comics Festival

This coming weekend june 1-2, Copenhagen have a comic festival is on. We are a small handful of comic artists that have decided to share a booth we have called BLING BLING for the occasion. You will find us at booth 22 where we all will sign books etc. BLING BLING are: Jan Solheim: Recent book INSOLITUS with Henrik Rehr. Mårdøn Smet: Recent book Stig & Martha, nominated for Best Danish Comic 2013 PING award. Peter Kielland: Known for FISH and IronPot Trilogy. Johan F. Krarup: Known for web comic Uoplyst/Uninformed. Cav Bøgelund: Known for comic Blodbryllup and Superleague. John Kenn Mortensen: Known for Post-it-monsters. Lars Hornemann: Known for comic Frida. Thomas Thorhauge: Recent book Det sidste ord/ The Last word nominated for Best Danish Comic 2013 PING award. Teddy Kristiansen: Recent book GENIUS with Steven T. Seagle

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