Sandman Midnight Theater sketches

Found these old sketches in drawer.

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Pedro said...

I remember reading this in a trade I had bought from a street vendor in new york city when I was in high school.

It was probably one of the first true 'adult' comics I ever purchased. Adult not because it had nudity, but in regards to the way that the characters interacted with each other. I really believed Dian and Wesley cared for each other.

The art was this fantastic combination of being intimate and sexual that counteracted a lot of the other adult images I have seen up to that point.

It's a little hyperbolic to say that a comic can change the way you view the world and especially women, but I always felt like this comic open my eyes to something else.

It's great to see these pages again, I still feel like I have that kiss to Dian getting out of bed series etched in my mind.

I need to check out if Comixology has this for sale.

Thanks for drawing this!

teddy kristiansen said...

Dear Pedro

So nice of you to write and nice to hear that this was your intro to the more 'adult' comics:-)
I truly enjoyed drawing and painting this:-)

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