I will be at the Barcelona festival 8 june to 11 june.........
More from childrens book(unpublished....)

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tirafrutas said...

Have a nice trip. You will be welcome here at Barcelona.

Cuentos de Antiguamente said...

Beautifull work Teddy, as usual.
I love the DEADMAN draw!!!
I´m working this days in my own BLOG.
I send you the adress when it will be ready.

Perhaps we´ll meet in Barcelona

javier Olivares.

Gabriel C. said...

your work is so depth and beautiful. good luck in barcelona!!

antonio said...

Beautiful work Teddy!!
I didn`t know of your work till now that I saw the link in La carcel de papel!!
Amazing and beautiful work!!



Semana Onírica said...

You´re one of my favorites illustrators ever since I found House of Secrets (which it´s really unusual to find it here in Argentina), and I really appreciatte how you create specific athmospheres and really complex characters with a few lines.

Santiago Slaby

Cuentos de Antiguamente said...

Hi again, Teddy.
Thanks for your commentaries.
I have some changes in my BLOG, and is almost ready...

Now is JAVIER OLIVARES BLOG and this will be the real name.
I add some things, included your link.


Javier Olivares.

Fabián Mezquita said...

Hola Teddy,
Es la primera vez que entro a tu blog, y he quedado muy contento de verlo.
Tus trabajos tienen un clima lindisimo, y la paleta de colores es muy delicada.
Son unos trabajos preciosos.
Te felicito!!!!
Te mando un gran saludo desde Argentina...

AnnaRaven said...

Hi Teddy,
You might not remember it but I met you in Ourense quite a long time ago. I do remember some of your opinions on "creating comics" and "being a professional" changed my point of view in many ways (believe or not). This is the first time I came across your blogger, I wondered if I could linked it to mine.

Oriol said...

wow!!!!h ah a ha,for casualy I meet your blog and I always think that you work is amazing and inpirating for me.
I really like the drawings in your blog,and white backgrond is good for yor drawings!
reaaly incredible stuf you have.
long dead to dead man!!!!!!
ups...You are in my links just now;-)

Juan said...

Hello Teddy, and thanks for sharing these pages and illustrations. Would it be possible to see some sketches or parts of your process?
Regards and thanks again for your beautiful works.

Poly Bernatene said...

Hi Teddy! I have admired much your work for ever and it cheers much to me to have the possibility of seeing your new projects in this blog. I also am illustrator for children in Argentina, but she wanted to know if you have something for children already published in Denmark, I have family whom she could ask to him that me they sent it!God luck in the Fair of Barcelona!

Unknown said...

Wow , what can i say ? All your work is stunning! Your sandman midnight theatre, house of secrets,your covers etc. have changed ( with others artists) my way to draw comics. I'm really glad about your blog!

Unknown said...

thank you, and what neat lovely stuff you are doing yourself....really nice

Jim Di Bartolo said...

I've been a fan of your work for quite some time. I'm not sure if this piece is from your first children's book or not, but I think your work could lend itself very wonderfully to kid's books. This piece is great! I'm trying to shift over into children's books myself (after mainly doing RPG stuff and comics).

Keep up the great work!


Geb said...

Good Luck at the festival!
I am a big fan of your work, i`m happy to have the chance to visit your blog and see more of your work!
(i`m sorry about my awful english)...

Unknown said...

what a beautiful charming piece!! SOoo pretty and peaceful!

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