Please check out the links I have here.These are all with fantastic wonderful artists supreme.
Joy joy,,the joy of the net....

Still havent desided on my summer reading but high on the list is:
Enrique Vila-Matas: Bartleby & co.
Robert Edric:Gathering the water
Peter Carey:Theft
and perhaps a re- reading of David Mitchell Cloud Atlas or Black Swan Green

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orionlesc said...




Juan said...

I didn't know that you had a blog!
I saw you to draw in the Salò de Barcelona and did a few photos to you.
Your work is excellent, since like always.
I will be attentive to your new works in this blog!

Yaxin said...


it's YOUUUU :)

copperweld said...

I am a long time fan and loved your work on House of Secrets. I'm excited to see your new work. Looking forward to your other site coming online too. I was curious, do you ever sell any of your art? Or would you ever consider a commission? Please let me know!

Thanks and best wishes,

Hans said...

Super fed blog! Dine illustrationer er ekstremt behagelige at kigge paa. Laekre nedtonede farver, maaske kun med en enkelt hissig farve der giver en go kontrast. Meget inspirerende:)

Ha' en go weekend,


L Gato said...

Hi, I'm an spanish fan! I was in love with your work since I'd saw the first House of Secrets, and I was delighted to read one more. I think your style has become more complex, and it's a real delight to saw it.

Wish there was more published here xD

I will visit your blog more often now that I know there's one! Great work.

Mastro Pagliaro said...

the beauty is in the simple things.
ciao from Florence

DSK said...

Hej Teddy!
Have you taken a break from blogging or what? I wrote you a couple of years ago but I suspect you never received it. Ronnie tells me that you've been quite busy.
I hope to visit Copenhagen again next year with my wife so I hope we can meet again - it's been a long time!

By the way, check out my blogs:

polyminthe said...

I just discovered your blog,I bought ''like a bird'' one year ago in Ireland and I just love it, really different than regular comics.I'm glad to see more of you.

z.a.p said...

Hermosos dibujos.
Un mundo sutil y perfumado.
Recreo para los ojos.

Saludos desde Argentina.

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