Time is passing and I havent blogged for a long time.
I have been busy with the very last lettering of RED DIARY and have been illustrating M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman.The book is fantastic and full of lovely stories from the master pen.Pure magic it is.Look out for it next year.


Re-reading GHOSTWRITTEN by another master DAVID MITCHELL.If you havent read any of his work, go to your nearest bookstore right away.Go.....run....

I was reading differnt books over the summer and some of them got me thinking of what works in stories and what not.
We want the reader to believe that whatever they are told, it is the truth.In other words, if we wantt the reader to believe what we are writing , we need to make them believe is nothing but but truth.
They need to be hypnotized and believe all we tell, to make the story work.

I was reading a really good book about Darwin and was captured, hypnotized into the time and age of the book and the writing was beautiful.In the middle of a sentence a boat "was blown to atoms" which knocked me out of the dreamy Darwin world."Atoms"?
Atoms were not known or used as a word until much later.Why didnt an Editor catch that phrase or the writer himself?
Such a small thing and it breaks the MAKE BELIEVE.

So it took me more time and insistence to be be caputered in the magic again.
The book was great and I loved it, but wished the spell hadnt been broken.
So the truth and magic of the word.Make us believe in the words.

Saw LADY IN THE WATER by M.Night Shyamalan and loved it.A fairy tale for adults told with warmth and humour.Hats of to Mr. Night....read reviews and they are beyond me.

Reading list:

Jenny Uglow: NATURES ENGRAVER:A life of Thomas Bewick
Benjamin Black:Christine Falls (Crime book by John Banville)
Susanna Clarke:The Ladies Of Grace Adieu
Michel Faber:The Apple
And of course a re- reading of Lampedusa´s The Leopard.

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JavierOlivares said...

Wellcome back, Teddy.
Beautifull draw this red old man...
The "SOLEIL" project I suppose...

Christian S said...

I suggest you to add one more book to your reading list. Margeritte Yourcenaire: Adrian´s Memories.
I agree with Javier, it´s a beautiful ilustration. I love how you´ve used the red color with those greys.

buhnk said...

rare and nice colour!!

orionlesc said...

wellcome for second time:)

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